Please be sure to bring proof of rabies vaccination in order to enter any of the contests over the weekend. Thanks for your cooperation. 

The Stylin' Paws "Ultimate Stay Contest"

Can your dog "Stay"? Really, really "Stay"? If so, you might have the winner of the Ultimate Stay Contest. It's a test of will and obedience and as we have the handlers put their dogs in a "Stay" command, then we start adding distractions. Rolling tennis balls, treats, noises, all the while moving the handlers farther from the dogs. $100 cash prize for first place in the Ultimate "Stay" Contest! 

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No trainers or service dogs please.

"Leave It" Contest

If we put a small piece of a hot dog in front of your dog, could he/she "Leave It" on your command? It's fun to see which dog has the best will power as we test behavior and training skills in the "Leave It" Contest. Even the crowd gets in the act with this Contest as we search for our 2018 Leave It Champion! There is a $100 cash prize for the winner!

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No trainers or service dogs please. 

Costume Contest

The competition gets bigger every year and the costumes get cuter and more creative as we celebrate the Halloween season with our Costume Contest. Because we have loved the creativity, this year we are just going to have a Homemade Costume Contest. The crowd does the judging, so bring your friends and cheer on your favorite best dressed pet! 

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Naughty Dog Challenge

Is Your Dog A Naughty Dog?

Does your dog come when called? Even when distracted? Well let's just see about that! The Great Iowa Pet Expo Naughty Dog Challenge puts obedience skills to the test when there are toys, treats, bowls, people, and other reasons to ignore you and play instead. Want to give it a try? 2018 bragging rights are at stake! 

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